Bringing ideas to life through a refreshed and expanded brand.

Brittany Noonan is a blogger, mother and fitness expert. She has achieved massive success in building an influential personal brand. On a mission to support, educate and inspire women to be their best self, she wanted to refresh her brand so that it would be able to bring all of her new ideas to life.
We started by getting deep into what her brand really stood for, who she was and what her vision was. We then created an identity to support this. It included creating sub-branding, which was launched with a free workout guide and soon to be released sub branded yoga matts.

Since creating the new brand, it continues to spark new ideas and opportunities for Britt, and I'm so excited to see it unfold and to be part of helping bring this vision to life (this is just the beginning).

BRittany noonan

A personal brand
with purpose.

When Leanne reached out she was struggling to separate her personal and business brands.

We started with a strategy for each brand which gave her the clarity and confidence to show up in the right way for each audience.

From there, we created the visual elements for her personal brand including logos, colours, graphic styles and messaging concepts. As Leanne was about to launch her podcast this also helped inform how her podcast cover art and supporting episode promo graphics could come to life. We set these up for her in Canva so it made it easy for her to apply.

Leanne has now been able to confidently stand in her personal brand, bursting with ideas and truly showing up. With this new found clarity, she is already attracting new opportunities, including speaking events in her business, and it's only the beginning of rolling this brand out.

leanne webber

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I've had such a positive experience with Leah. It's like she somehow gets inside my brain and understands what I'm looking for and then brings it to life!

Brittany noonan

 I've gone from confused to confident - bursting with ideas and truly showing up. I've already been contacted about speaking events and podcast interviews! Leah is incredible and I highly recommend her!

Leanne webber

Leah gave me so much clarity and I now feel on purpose and proud of the beautiful brand she has created for me! Leah gets super deep to the heart and soul behind what you do. Loved working with Leah, and highly recommend!

Kate Robinson

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