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mastermind for the brave

A six week business intensive program. Together we’ll  uncover your uniqueness and transform your brand, to start attracting your dream clients! 

a group program for the ambitious!

To the entrepreneurs swapping time for money, fearful of change and playing it safe because change seems out of reach.

If you've ever wondered about the best actions to take to attract more of the opportunities you dream of...

Do you feel that lack of clarity or confidence is  holding you back

Take a breath while I ask...

we'll bare it all

You're a side hustler ready to make it your full time gig, committed to stepping into your personal brand but don't know where to start. 

You want to dive in and make your dreams a reality but it feels overwhelming

You're ready to make pivots to grow, to position yourself differently, but struggle to know what direction to take and how to bring it all life. 

You have outgrown your current offer but don't know how to shift to the next level.

A budding entrepreneur who has been making moves, but tired of saying YES to everything and ready to invest in yourself and start attracting your dream clients.

you feel overwhelmed and overworked

Your ambitious, with big dreams, but lack of clarity, direction and self belief hold you back from showing up consistently and confidently.

Your ready to make moves in your business but want to know the best actions to take to stand out from the crowd and become the obvious choice.

Does this sound familiar, friend?

There's an easier way to enjoy what you do and attract  your dream clients.

You can build your in demand brand with ease and flow.

here is the good news...

In fact, you can achieve all this and more. And, you won't be navigating it all alone.

Clear on your niche and becoming the go-to

Your hearing crickets...wondering how to stand out from the crowd

Feeling confident to be seen as the go-to

feeling like i'm not expert enough

being in flow with your message and your point of difference

overthinking what to say and how to say it

being in demand with by your dream clients

feeling overwhelmed, saying 'yes' to anything even if its not where you are going

To this

From this

Because you deserve a business that allows you to achieve those game-changing results. I’m going to show you exactly how you can unlock the POWER of YOU in your brand, define your niche, find your voice and bring this to life to build a deeper connection with your audience.

Attracting your dream clients and to build a thriving business,  making an impact and money at the same time.

The ultimate end goal though?

Breaks through the fear of not knowing enough and stand out confidently to be seen as a leader.

Has a clearly defined niche, brand vision and brand vibe

Attracts your dream clients and becomes the obvious choice

Aligned visuals and verbal language

The energy, excitement and accountability to take inspired action!

this program will help you step into your magic and build a magnetic brand that:

Sometimes later becomes never. Great things never come from comfort zones. 

That's not all, when you join the Group Program you'll also receive these epic bonuses:

take a look at the five-part framework


Get clear on the power of your story. Your skills, experiences, strengths, thoughts that make you different from others.


Know what strengths to draw on

How to bring these into what you do

How these inform what people connect with



Mindset shifts to build greater self belief to stand out as a leader and unlock your full potential.

Understanding your blocks and how to overcome these

How to avoid imposter syndrome 

Practical tools to embed greater self belief




Get a plan in place. With a clearly defined strategy - your vision, values, target audience, brand personality and voice.

A clearly defined niche 

Your brand personality that makes you different from others 

Your northern star for everything that you do




Your visual and verbal language. How to bring your uniqueness to life through your brand style to stand out. 

Your colours, imagery style and visual assets

How to bring your brand voice to life in content and the way you speak.

Tools and templates to create with ease




How to build that know, LOVE and trust factor.  Showing up consistently and building deeper connections.

Clear actions to take to build your community 

Start attracting your dream clients and have more fun!

Tricks and tips to implement with greater ease.




leanne webber

 I've gone from confused to confident - bursting with ideas and truly showing up. I've already been contacted about speaking events and podcast interviews! Leah is incredible and I highly recommend her!

Dr Sylvia Kalicinski

Leah helped me uncover my own scarcity mindset, and face my fears about being seen and playing it small when it came to stepping into my personal brand. As well as get in touch with my brand personality, my unique voice and giving me the right words to articulate it.

I've been helping brands grow for over 15 years and have worked with many women to help them scale their business and fall in love with their brands.

It starts with making a commitment to yourself, to your dreams and setting yourself up for success.

Entrepreneur, brand strategist, podcaster and creative helping businesses unlock their potential, build bold brands and achieve game-changing results.

Hi, I'm LEAH.

meet your coach

baring it all in business

Have your dream clients approach you, with an abundance of opportunities flowing your way 

Have the clarity about where you are going and exactly how to get there.

Overcome the fear of sharing content and worrying about what others may think

Have the freedom to decide what is right for you and start making the money you deserve.

WHY? Because when you step confidently into your brand you can: 

And here's one thing I know for sure, there is a way to navigate through the confusion. Why? Because I've been there too. 

Build Your Magnetic Brand is like no other program. It's unique approach will help you achieve game-changing results from a place of clarity and connection.

Over six weeks we work together to combine strategy with your life's purpose.

It's about getting real, having fun and taking action to build momentum in business. 

BUILD YOUR MAGNETIC BRAND is not for the faint-hearted. It was created for the ambitious business owners READY to experience change. 

reserved for the courageous

You aren't willing to put in the work to reach your goals, your not ready for growth.

You want a quick fix, more followers instead of loyal customers.

You are a lone wolf, and don't want to show up to the lives and be part of the conversation.

You're not ready to take action and to learn and grow from doing so. 

magnetic brand isn't right for:

Ready to stop playing safe, commit to yourself and open yourself up to doing things differently 

You're ready to pivot in your business to see results and to make real change.

You want to be surrounded by a community of supportive women, encouraging each other to succeed.

You are open to not being perfect but allowing yourself to try anyway.

magnetic brand is perfect for:

Discover if this program is right for you

the time is now

A year from now you will have wish you started today. 

Now is the time to say 'yes' to making the changes you wish to see in your business. To free yourself from the confusion, the doubt and playing safe and to start creating an on purpose business, to start being seen and become in demand.

It all starts with a decision to invest in yourself.

It's time to boldly own your brilliance and to take inspired action towards your goals.

your journey starts now.

Wading through uncertainty? Reach out: