Those are usually the first feelings my clients feel when they let go of the armour and decide to truly step into the realm of personal branding. And hey! I would know. Because it took me ​10​ years to fine-tune and finally feel comfortable to step confidently into my personal brand.

You see, there’s something both scary yet powerful when you decide to create a personal brand distinctive to that of a bigger brand.

It’s where you let go of the armour. Dial into your magic. And you tap into your story. The one thing no one can replicate, or take away from you.

I don’t measure success based on the amount of projects I complete each month, I measure the success based on reactions like this: “It’s like you’re in my head!”. Or if I’m not completing sentences for you by the end of it all, I haven’t done my job right!

Too often I find business owners getting stuck, confused or not showing up boldly in their business because the have outgrown their current branding, or it just doesn't capture the aspiration they have for their business.

Does this sound like you?
You started your biz with a fire in your belly, and its continued to grow and evolve from its humble beginnings. Your an ambitious goal-chasing gal with big ideas for the future but your current branding doesn't really capture who you are and where you're going, so you stall on really getting out there and showing up as much as you know you could be.

That's where I come in, I like to take a look under the hood before we jump into design, getting to know you, what makes you unique, your vision for the future. I then craft a brand story and identity to capture this!

Curious to know how I can take your brand to the next level?

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This isn't my first rodeo, in fact I've been perfecting and fine tuning my craft for over 15 years working across brands big and small.

The advantage for you?
You get all of me, including my experience as an award winning Creative Director applying my refined strategic and creative frameworks to get you an outcome that not only wows you but your audience too!

I'm passionate about helping business owners get the clarity they need to transform their brands and grow their business.

For me its about creating a strategy thats bigger then where you are today, inspiring you to go bigger and grow into your brand.

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Scared and overwhelmed.
Yet kinda excited!

It's not by accident, chance or luck.

olivia white

I've gone from confused to confident - bursting with ideas and truly showing up. I've already been contacted about speaking events and podcast interviews! Leah is incredible and I highly recommend her!

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Hey there! I'm Leah.  Self confessed brand geek. On a mission to leverage your uniqueness, to level up your branding and scale your business to achieve your desires!