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Want to know what the 3 ket stages are for a successful brand and a quick cheat guide to Stage 1?


How to take your brand to the next level

More emphasis on the brand provides entrepreneurs an opportunity to re-evaluate their business’ connections with customers.

But what is a brand?

Your brand is not your logo, it’s not your visuals, it’s not your Instagram feed and it’s not even what you say it is.

It’s what others think, when they think of you. (your business/brand)

A successful brand is one that aligns what you want to be known for with what others think of you.

Not sure where to start? Consider these key points  to take your business to the next level, along with the entrepreneurs that are succeeding at them. Let’s start with:

Crafting your story

Getting clear on your story, why you’re different and what’s important to you is how you can start to craft your brand story. Ultimately getting razor focused on what your vision is and what you want to be known for so that everything you say and do helps communicate this to your audience, and helps build on that perception.

From here it’s about connecting your vision with your audience, by considering how you want them to feel from interacting with you as well as defining other key brand traits such as your brand personality and values, to ensure this translates throughout everything you do.

People may not always remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. 

Bringing it to life 

Once you are clear on your story, your vision and your brand traits, the question to ask yourself is does my brand voice and brand visuals align to this? That is; your visual assets of your brand and your tone of voice of your content. 

Everything you say and do is a reflection of who you are, every touchpoint is an opportunity to leave an impression.

Taking your brand to the next level requires you to look at your language and the way you present yourself with a different lens, ‘good enough’ is in fact not good enough

Momentum builds momentum

It’s ok not to have it all perfect, in fact as we know perfection stunts growth. What’s important is your continually improving, refining and evolving so that eventually you are at a place where everything is consistent, and you’re consistently showing up. The term ‘leveling up’ is an active word, it requires you to be active. Thinking that I will update my website once and it’ll be good isn’t going to get  you to that next level.

Your brand is a reflection of you.

Probably one of the most profound changes you can make when building and growing your brand is working on your mindset. Because the energy you put out there is what you attract. And if you want to attract that next level client then it is essential to be a reflection of what that looks like. If you want to be a leader in your space then you need to be growing and evolving – because if you’re not growing your business isn’t either.

Whatever your blocks may be it’s essential to work through these blocks as they (continually) arise. This is what will allow you to build a winning mindset, one that encourages you to step outside of your comfort zones rather than keeping you playing safe.

Becoming a leader

Being a leader requires you to have a point of view, it doesn’t mean you need to know everything. Having a strong sense of what you believe in, despite what others may think and sharing this confidently is important in becoming a leader. Whether it be your signature framework, your approach, your expertise, it’s what you share with others that allows you to guide, teach and lead them.

It’s the hunger to learn from all of life’s experiences that allow you  to keep growing, and in turn  reflect this back to those that look to you for leadership.

When you can own your story, what you believe in and how you do it, your confidence is attractive. By becoming a reflection of the certainty and success they are seeking themselves.

If you want to take your brand to the next level it starts by being connected to your story, your vision, and your purpose. Reflecting this across everything that you do. Allowing yourself to always be learning and growing and overcoming the fear that holds you back. Helping you to stand confidently in what you know and what you want to be known for.

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Your cheat sheet
to brand success

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Want to know what the 3 ket stages are for a successful brand and a quick cheat guide to Stage 1?

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